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RFID System

My Schoolguru have a new safety feature which ensure the child's safety in school premises. Students don’t have to stop in queue, to slide card one by one. The system automatically records all attendance information. Builds a unique user-friendly messaging system, Teachers and parents can communicate conveniently.

There is no worry for parents about his/her school going child. Laconic Student Guard takes care of your children, it sends an automatic sms while your child reaching in / exit from school. How It Works- Each student wears our provided sophisticated RFID Card with unique ID when he/she enter/exist from school our smart reader automatically read and send the sms to parents using our central server internally for security point of view.

The solution eliminates the need of human interference, in order to operate the hardware. The attendance captured is registered immediately.
The web login is empowered with robust MIS reports with graphical dashboards. Edunext's RFID System is a user friendly Biometric Student Attendance System for Schools. It is one of the most efficient Online Student Attendance System for Schools.

Why should I use this RFID Student Attendance System :

  • Total safety of your child.
  • Creates a user-friendly messaging system.
  • Simple and easy to use software.
  • 100 percent accuracy in attendance.
  • Monthly absentee/attendance report.
  • Zero irregularities in the attendance process.
  • Improves student attendance ratios.
  • Reduce use of paper – a green initiative.
  • Guardians and teachers can communicate conveniently and efficiently.

How does it works:

  • RFID reader will be installed on every gate of a school.
  • Every student would be issued an RFID card.
  • REach ID card has unique ID and contact information.
  • When a student comes in the vicinity of RFID reader, the ID and contact information will be stored in the platform.
  • As soon as the student enters or leaves the school, the RFID reader will automatically detect the card and send a SMS to his/her parents.

Benefits of RFID:

  • Quick & Easy to use.
  • Cheaper and more effective than sending a letter or making a phone call.
  • Reduces staff workloads, send bulk SMS in seconds.
  • Improves student attendance.
  • Reduces unexplained absences and latest.
  • Improves school communication with parents.
  • Flexible sending options i.e. full flexible control of when messages are sent.
  • Send personalized SMS messages.
  • Inventory and Stock Management.
  • Logistic and Warehouse Management.
  • Great for emergency broadcasts (e.g. Floods, Bushfires etc.) and quick communication (e.g. Sports Day Cancelled, Parent reminders, Excursion Late Bus etc.)

MySchoolguru Rfid System test

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