Advance Vehicle Tracker

  1. GPS Tracking
  2. RFID Reader

Advanced Vehicle Tracker

My Schoolguru makes it possible to use digital advanced features of GPS to perform live monitoring & tracking of entire transport fleet ensuring the safety of students, staff & other members.

Live Bus Status

The bus location, running status, idle status and parked state are given a specific colour to identify easily. A Live route map involving orange colour location marks indicates the parked state of the bus, similarly, yellow location sign indicates the idle state and green colour indicates the running state of the bus.

Notifications and alerts

Day wise notifications list against each route is also accessed by the Transport manager and reports are generated and sent across the respective stake holder. Alerts about the location of bus, attendance of student, pick up and drop details along with the change in the route, time or change is sent to the parents.

Bus Track from Parent Mobile App

Empower parents to remotely track and monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which their child(ren) is traveling using the school bus tracking app.

Real-Time Notification

With Schoolguru transport monitoring system, school authorities, parents, etc will get real-time updates about boarding and deboarding of students ensuring total trust & confidence to parents.

Instant Alerts

The app aids you to stay cautious and make suitable decisions at the right time to ensure better safety and fleet management. It provides instant alerts & notifications on accidents, emergencies, unscheduled stops or routes, heavy traffic, etc. to multiple users.

Vehicle Database Search

The transportation management software has inbuilt fields to capture all the information related to the vehicles and also keeps a check of various parameters like distance travelled, fuel consumed, etc., to intimate regarding an impending check-up when the time comes.



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