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Front office Management


  • Monitors and records all the incoming and outgoing calls with caller details and number.
  • We Can Keep records of all couriers / dispatches.
  • Smart way of appointment management and meeting scheduling..
  • Easy retrieval of records entered in Front Office.
  • Reliability in recording details of visitors.
  • It gives Meeting and appointment reminders.
  • We Can get address Details of all visitors through Address book.
  • We Can Get the Details of Enquiries that is received to Front Office.
  • Reliability in recording details of visitors.
  • We can get the details of Appointments that is given at a Particular time with the Visitor Details.
  • We Can View the Details of Appointments with the Purpose like Personal or official and can View the Visitor Type.
  • We can make stdents & teahcers out pass .


  • Sense the Power of this Software which efficiently tracks the Past and Current details of the Front Office by saving your valuable time.
  • Ability to add / retrieve the detailed information like Visitors Details, Appointment Details, Letter Inward or Outward details and Enquiry details.
  • This Software controls the operations of the Front Office Process with minimal Manpower ( Single Staff ) & Change your working strategy into trouble free, paperless management.


  • Ability to track the Visitors detail with the purpose of their visit along with the visiting time and Date.
  • Ability to track the Post or Courier that is Received or sent.
  • Essential Reports like Appointment details help to retrieve the Appointment details to allow the people who got appointment.
  • Detailed Reports like Enquiry details will give all the information like the Purpose of enquiry, Enquired persons relationship, etc.
  • Statistical report like Address Book Entry gives the Communication and Work Address of all the Visitors.
  • Sensational pre – defined valuable reports can be exported to excel format which leads you to prepare customized report as per your school requirement.

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